About Our Media Pricing

Thanks for your interest in our video / audio production services! We provide quality video graphics for large and small businesses. We strive to ensure you are thrilled with your finished product, and the price too!

Our rate is $60/hour for all video & audio production (Sales Tax included). The time for a project mainly depends on how complex or intricate the desired effects are to create.

Please answer the following questions and we will send you a free quote!

1) Share your vision! Please describe what you imagine your animation to look like. Try to be as descriptive as you can and include any elements that you would like to see.
2) What's your style? Are you looking for a realistic or cartoon feel? Professional or edgy? Big and loud or sleek and stylish? Any styles or examples that you can reference or link?
3) 2D or 3D? Or is it a mix?
4) Wooshes, zings, & dings. Do you want to add any music, sound effects, or voice-over?
5) Loop it? Will it be a seamless loop animation?
6) Under the hood. Do you need a specific resolution, format, FPS, or any other options for your needs? If you don't know, that's OK, just let us know what it's for and we will pick the best specifics for your project!
7) Show us! Sometimes (er, usually) it's difficult to describe your vision in words. If possible, attach your logo, any music or sound, or any other assets or examples you may have.


How soon can I see the finished product? We can have it ready in less than a week in most cases for short projects. If you need it sooner, we try our best to work our schedule to make it happen.

What are some factors that influence the cost of an animation? A lot goes into producing motion graphics. Every detail takes a bit of time to create and refine. Here are some of the big hitters on time:
simulations (fluids, particles, smoke, fire, etc.), texture or environment creation (textures for 3d models, scenery or backgrounds), and certain video editing effects like removing the background (rotoscoping) can take much time to check each frame and so forth. We make use of tools for efficiency whenever possible, so many customers can be surprised how quickly we can produce a certain effect, while other custom ones can take longer to create.

Other things that can affect an animator's time are the amount of different characters or objects in the scene. If each object or character needs to be animated separately, it takes more time. If objects, effects, or animation paths can be reused or expanded upon this can save time. The quality of the render directly affects the time spent on a project. For higher res or more realistic renders, the render times can be quite long. We don't charge for all that render time, but it does affect how much time the animator spends on a project.

What if I want to change something after it is complete? We offer 1 free revision on all projects! This is for minor adjustments or tweaks after the project is accepted. Any additional updates will be charged the normal hourly production rate.

We appreciate your business. Call or email for a quote today!

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