We will design and create professional video content for your project. The content we create for you is yours to keep and use as much as you want.  Add flare to your video by adding motion graphics as an intro, transition, overlay, or segment. You can also use the video for your website, app, social media page, digital sign, game, or any other platform.

Video / Audio Production Pricing: $60/hr (includes 1 free revision) - Click here for more details on media pricing!

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What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is a type of animation that can illustrate complex ideas visually. Think of it as artistic graphic design in motion. Moving objects, shapes, and text designed in a visually appealing way to emphasize a point, or to easily portray valuable information.

It's proven and, well, quite obvious that motion attracts attention. A great design uses aesthetics to guide the viewer through the art and highlight the important features.

You can use motion graphics to dramatically improve the look and quality of your business, and attract the attention you need to succeed. See the many types of motion graphics that Reflection can create for you!

2D & 3D Visuals

Whether it's 2D, 3D, simple, or complex that you need, we've got you covered. We take the time to create stunning visual graphics that will make your project stand out from the rest! We create motion graphics from scratch or we can work with any footage or graphics you already have to make it wonderous!

Animated Logos & Intros

Make your logo stand out using a fun and clever animation. Create that quality look and feel that you can't get from just an image. We will design custom, creative animations to emphasize your brand and boost your visibility. Use your existing logo, or let us create a professional logo just for you!

Click here to see more Animated Logos

Text & Titles

Use motion design to accent text, titles, or any other words on screen. Make reading more fun by giving life to words and using graphics to punctuate. Using color and space design with your motion can vastly increase the quality and establish the tone of your presentation.

Visual Data

Easily portray complex data and information in ways that can be understood immediately and increase the likelihood to remember it. Any type of chart or graph can be artistically rendered with intuitive animations that highlight the most important information. Use infographics to relay valuable stats and look good doing it!

Illustrative Arts

Create a stunning video commercial to display your work! Show off your photos, products, or explain your business concept for all to see. Use motion graphics as a visual-aid to portray your ideas or convey information.

It is proven that people learn and remember more with visual-aids. The graphics provide the visual stimulation that increases comprehension and peaks the interest of the audience. There are many great uses including education, entertainment, marketing, gaming, and industry visualizations.

Post Editing

Give your video a big boost with graphics and special effects. We will take any image or video format and create great artwork to go seamlessly with it. With full video editing and audio mixing, transitions, shaders, graphic generation, and many other tools, your finished movie will look amazing.

  • Post editing full suite
  • Basic or custom transitions and shaders
  • 2D or 3D graphics design and integration
  • All text and motion graphics services applied to your video
  • Sound Effects, voiceovers, audio effects
  • Video and audio clean up and filtering
  • Optimization, format conversion, resizing, resolution, codecs

What can we do for you?

Put our artistic and technical skills to work for you in many different ways. Here are a few examples of projects that can benefit from motion graphic art.

  • Film, television, and video production
  • Websites, blogs, vlogs, social media, forums
  • Youtube channels, streaming, sharing
  • Promotions, conventions, marketing videos
  • Trade show kiosks, presentations, video signage
  • Restaurant menus and specials features
  • Animated logo intros, transitions
  • Training, educational, safety films
  • Museum exhibits, installations
  • Seamless animated loops as videos or GIFs
  • Museum exhibits, installations

The list goes on and on. The possibilities are as far as the imagination will stretch. Contact us for more information on your project!

Video / Audio Production Pricing: $60/hr (includes 1 free revision) - Click here for more details on media pricing!

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Design to impress

We will make your presentation stand out with custom themes, layouts, and textures to deliver the perfect look and feel that you want to achieve. Give it an intriguing futuristic effect, a classic professional look, a modern artsy flare, a flashy design to catch the eye, a fun cartoon vibe, or many other custom looks.

Make it so.

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